Drug May Prove Effective Against Brain Cancer

avastinOne of the deadliest types of cancer is glioblastoma, which is a malignant tumour in the brain.

Survival on average lasts for six months, more with certain cancer treatments. The American Cancer Society figures highlight that there are ten thousand cases annually.

The drug company Roche Holding AG have reported that trials on a new drug called Avastin have shown very positive results against the disease.

It is currently used against other cancers such as those of the colon and lung, the suggested use against glioblastma is only when all other treatments have been availed of.

Two early studies have produced data that shows a dramatic difference in that in some subjects the cancer’s progress was halted and in others the tumour actually reduced in size. Head of Radiation at Massachusetts General Hospital, Jay Loeffer believes that the test results are very remarkable.

The company are pushing to get the drug fast approval. There is currently a large ongoing trial which is concentrating on newly diagnosed patients and this would bring in data after about another five years time.

An advisory panel has agreed that Avastin should be permitted even before that time and now only needs further approval.

There has been lots of public attention to the condition since Senator Edward Kennedy was announced to be suffering from glioblastoma some time last year. One particular sufferer who has had her live extended by the drug was delighted with the vote. Gail McWilliams said that the Avastin, which is injected, had been a blessing.