Gerson Therapy for Brain Cancer

Gerson therapy is an alternative dietary therapy developed by Mr. Max Gerson. He developed this therapy and claimed that the therapy could cure cancer and many other chronic, degenerative diseases. Mr. Gerson was a German born American physician who died on 8th march, 1959.

The Gerson therapy for brain cancer being an alternative form of cancer therapy states that the patient’s cancer should be treated with coffee enemas, supplements and juicing. It also includes a special diet which said to cleanse the individual’s body, boost his/ her immune system and also help in stimulating the metabolism in the body.

Gerson Therapy for Brain Cancer

Since the development of the therapy by Mr. Gerson, the validity of the therapy to actually cure cancer has been widely debated. When the National Cancer Institute evaluated the claims made by Max Gerson, they concluded from the collected data that there was no benefit from the therapy at all.

Many organisations have gone so far as to state that the therapy is unsupported by scientific data and is also potentially hazardous for the patients.

History of the Therapy

Mr. Max Gerson initially developed the therapy to treat himself as he used to get migraine headaches. He later on furthered the therapy to treat arthritis, tuberculosis and cancer. Even though most organisations fail to find supporting evidence and hence have denied the therapy a medicinal status, the therapy has not died. The treatment has evolved only slightly over the years.

Basic Notion

The basis notion behind building the therapy is stated as being- the disease is caused by the body’s accumulation of toxic substances. It is thus a metabolic therapy which aims at cleansing the body and providing it with the nutrients it need to get rid of the mass/ cluster.

It also aims at improving the immune system of the body thus preparing it to fight off the cancer cells in the body.

The Gerson Therapy Treatment

The therapy has a standard procedure, irrespective of the type of cancer each patient is treated with the same procedure. Thus the individuals with brain cancer who opt for Gerson therapy are provided with same treatment as those with ovarian or other cancer types. There are no completely successful cases with use Gerson therapy for brain cancer that have been reported. There may be slight variations in the treatment plan depending on the patient and cancer type, but the basic plan or procedures are the same for all.