Breast Cancer Gifts You Can Give To Patients

Do you know anyone who has breast cancer? Do you want to help patients and their families in your own little way? You don’t need to be a celebrity or a millionaire to help patients of breast cancer. You can give breast cancer gifts without even spending too much.

Millions of women around the world are diagnosed with breast cancer. Those who are lucky enough to be diagnosed earlier have greater chances of survival while those who fail to do so; find it very difficult to cope with this deadly disease.

Through the years, private organizations and even the government come up with breast cancer awareness campaigns and programs.

They help provide vital information about breast cancer and even come up with ways to pool breast cancer gifts to patients like medicines and monetary donations.

Breast cancer gifts from different individuals and companies have helped patients all over the world. They are a source of inspiration to patients and their families. Now if you’re thinking of giving some, here are great breast cancer gifts ideas you can give away:

Personalized items

You can make your own breast cancer gifts stand out from the usual presents patients receive by having them personalized. You can buy stuffs like mugs, towels, and pillowcases and embroider the name of patients on them.

These gifts are very useful and one way to identify the belongings of patients from other members of the family.

Expression t-shirts

You can also be creative by giving expression t-shirts as breast cancer gifts. You can buy plain t-shirts of various colors and sizes and print expressions like “I’m a Breast Cancer Survivor” or “I Support Breast Cancer Awareness”. Not only can you give these gifts to patients but also to your friends.

Free consultation

If you’re a doctor, offering free breast cancer consultation can serve as an excellent gift especially to those who can’t afford to go to a specialist.

If not, you can always ask a friend doctor to do it for you. Meanwhile, if you know of someone who suspects having breast cancer but has no money to pay for a doctor, you can volunteer to shoulder the expenses.

Free medicines and treatments

Breast cancer gifts like giving free medicines and treatments can only be afforded by those who earn more than the ordinary. If you want to give these kinds of gifts but no cash of your own, you can still do so.

One way is by asking doctors who do pro bono cases. There are also non-government organizations that handle cases like this and you can tap them.

Non-material breast cancer gifts

Who says only material things qualify as breast cancer gifts? Your deeds can serve as excellent gifts.

You can volunteer in a hospital, participate during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, join in campaigns, and even become a member of a support group. You can help spread awareness of breast cancer by giving out flyers or writing about it.