Breast Cancer Walk For A Good Cause!

Breast CancerWondering what is Breast Cancer Walk? Through this passage you will come to know about breast cancer walk, some breathe taking breast cancer facts and most importantly breast cancer diet.

If you are in USA, then you should know this. The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer are held in cities throughout the USA.

Walkers have the choice of walking a marathon or half-marathon the first day, then all walk a half-marathon the second day, camping overnight.

Sounds Fun Right! It is lot of fun happening with a good cause.

Thinking what is the good cause behind these walks? For 2 days and 39 miles, everyone who has been touched by breast cancer touches you in gratitude. Your participation in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer events – as a walker, a crew member, a volunteer or a donor – will allow medically undeserved women and men to be treated giving them access to the care they require.

From these funds, all the hard-working research teams will be powered with the fuel for their quest for the cure. A bit of charity from your side in a most joyous way is the ultimate feeling one can experience. As you all know how having a good walk helps you keep fit, let’s look into some of the good reasons to join a walk for your benefit.

  • Walk off weight
  • Fitness walking & workouts

These programs also provide you with other information like

  • What to eat and drink
  • Walking clothing & gear walking shoes
  • Walking clubs and partners
  • Trails, walk events & tours

Now that you have done with walking, let’s look into some breast cancer facts. The breast cancer facts which are provided on various websites for your knowledge include:

  • U.S. incidence and mortality
  • Causes and risk factors
  • Breast cancer risk factors
  • Breast cancer prevention: improve your lifestyle
  • Breast cancer early detection
  • Breast cancer treatment facts
  • Gifts for breast cancer survivors
  • Detection
  • Treatment
  • Prevention
  • Test your breast cancer awareness level
  • Three ways to spread breast cancer awareness
  • Reminders to do your breast self examinations

For all breast cancer patients and those who are at high risk of the disease here’s a special menu for you, “The breast cancer diet”.

  • Have a good content of Soy each day
  • Take full benefits of Coenzyme Q10
  • Vitamin D may reduce cancer risk, so add to your diet food high in Vitamin D
  • Add garlic to your diet
  • Take lots of cancer fighting vegetables
  • Research says fruits and vegetables reduce breast cancer recurrence, so have them each day
  • Take required quantity of tea to help fight cancer
  • Intake of whole grains

That’s it for now. Hope you had a good walk down the passage for all that you wanted to know. Keep fit and keep reading!