Causes of Breast Cancer Symptoms

Before thinking about the causes of breast cancer symptoms, you should know that the problem is caused by malignant tumor that forms in the breast tissue. Although it usually affects women, men can also develop it. The sad truth is that about 15% of all women are affected by the problem at some point.

Causes of Breast Cancer Symptoms


It is a known fact that as women get older, they have higher chances of being affected.


About 80% of all women diagnosed with the condition are over 50. This, however, doesn’t mean that younger women can’t affected by it. There are young women with breast cancer as well, but these cases are less frequent.

Personal or family history of the condition

When thinking about the causes of breast cancer signs you should know that if you have any relative who was affected by it, you have higher chances of having cancer.

Nonetheless this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have any family history, you won’t be affected. According to official information about 70%-80% of all patients don’t have a family history of cancer.


You might say that cancer is a racist because when it comes to the causes of breast cancer symptoms, it turns out that Caucasian women are at higher risks than women of any other race. Nonetheless death among African American women because of cancer is more frequent.

Alcohol consumption

It is interesting to know about the breast cancer signs’ causes that the women who drink alcohol have higher chances of being affected, and the more alcohol they consume, the higher the risks are. The women who have 2-5 drinks per day have 50% more chances of getting cancer.


In case you are thinking about the causes of breast cancer symptoms you should know that genetics has about 10% of the fault in developing the symptoms. It is possible to get hereditary breast cancer. This means that the genes have been passed down from an affected mother to her daughter.

If this happens, the origin of the breast cancer symptoms lies in a genetic mutation of the genes regulating cell growth. This kind of genetic mutation can be found through tests. The truth is that there are several kinds of mutations that can lead to the problem.

We have to face the fact that just any women can encounter the causes of breast cancer symptoms.