Chinese Herbs And Antioxidants To Prevent Breast Cancer

red cloverVarious Chinese herbs show a positive effect on women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

By protecting your immune system, Chinese herbs contribute greatly to healing.

Most experts believe that Chinese herbs provide effective relief from the side-effects of chemotherapy [Herbal remedy].

Famous herbs to reduce the risk of breast cancer:

Kudzu: The root of this herb has been used as a food in some cultures. This herb contains isoflavone formononetin. The dietary isoflavones are associated with decreased risk of breast and uterine cancers.

Red clover: This is the best known anti-cancer herb. It contains four types of phytoestrogens, known as adaptogens that bind estrogen receptors on cells. They include: coumestans, lignans, resorcylic acid lactones and isoflavones.

Soy: This contains genistein and isoflavones daidzein. Genistein reduces angiogenesis, thus reducing the ability of cancer to grow and metabolize.

Flax seed: This herb is rich in lignans. Lignans not only binds estrogen receptors, but also produces compounds that can increase the excretion and elimination of endogenous estrogens.

Some other herbs that contain phytoestrogen include: Alfalfa, black cohosh, lentils, chickpeas, mung beans, etc.

Antioxidants to reduce breast cancer risk:

Antioxidant supplements or antioxidants remove free radicals to reduce the risk of malignant changes.

Carotene: Natural carrot oil is the major source for carotene that reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Vitamin C and E: Foods rich in vitamin C and E can supply antioxidants to reduce the risk of cancer.

Alpha lipoic acid: Red meat and some organ meats such as broccoli, yeast and spinach are the best sources of alpha lipoic acid. High levels of alpha lipoic acid can decrease the risk of breast cancer.