How To Prevent Lobular Breast Cancer?

Lobular breast cancer is a kind of cancer wherein a thickening of the tissue in one of the breasts has formed.

The exact causes of lobular breast cancer have never been clear, but there are preventive measures that can be done to lessen the chances of having lobular breast cancer.

Regular Exercise

30-60 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week will help lower the risks of having lobular breast cancer.

Researchers have also found out that women who have exercised 3-4 hours a week between the ages of 12-22 have lesser risks of having lobular breast cancer by 23%.

Now for the busy women who have no time to exercise, there are many alternative ways to get the proper exercise for your body.

Instead of taking the elevator, better take the stairs every single day. If you’re lucky and your office is located at the 10th floor or higher, it will take you approximately 30 minutes to get to your floor, just enough allotted time for your daily exercise.

Maintain a well fitted body

Keeping a healthy body is also a big factor in reducing the risks of having lobular breast cancer. Researchers have proven that women who lose weight after their menopause has lowered their risk by 57%

Shedding off the extra pounds is not easy. But knowing that it is a big factor to lessen the risks of cancer will motivate to get in shape.

Having lobular breast cancer is a painful process that has no assurance if the person will even be cured from it. Maybe it’s time to hit the gym and lessen your daily calorie intakes.

Having a healthy Diet

National Cancer Institute has evidence that proper diet can also lessen the risks of having lobular breast cancer especially women in their postmenopausal stage.

Also children who have consumed soybeans or other beans that are rich in isoflavone reduce the risks of lobular breast cancer as they grow old. But women who consume too much soy like tofu or soya milk will increase their chances on having lobular breast cancer.

Asking your doctor for the right kind of diet for you will not only help you determine the proper food to take but also give you the assurance that you are eating to lessen the risks of having lobular breast cancer and not actually increasing it.

Getting into a high-fiber, low-fat diet is your best option not only in preventing cancer but also in maintaining your desired weight.

Giving birth

It is proven that women who have children before reaching the age of 35 greatly reduce the risks of having lobular breast cancer. Giving birth beyond that age may not give you as much benefit or probably has no benefit at all.


Breastfeeding for 12 months will also reduce the risks of breast cancer by 4.3%. Not only would this action create a special bond between the mother and the child but also give the best food for the baby.