Is There Any Link Between Breast Cancer Treatment And Premature Menopause?

—-Find out the relation between breast cancer treatment and early menopause!

Are you undergoing breast cancer treatment? More often, it is believed that breast cancer treatment usually makes you to experience menopause ahead of time.

When you are undergoing hormone replacement therapy or chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment, you can probably experience various symptoms of menopause. If you stop taking hormonal therapy or any other breast cancer treatment, you can also experience certain side effects that are associated with early menopause.

How breast cancer treatment leads to early menopause?

The female sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, mainly affects the growth of breast cancer cells. When your treatment for breast cancer often involves hormonal therapy, it mainly interferes with the estrogen secretion in your body and possibly causes early menopause symptoms.

These symptoms of early menopause can mainly include hot flashes, sweats, dry skin, vaginal dryness, poor concentration levels, mood swings, and tiredness and urge to urinate frequently.

Apart from hormonal therapy, surgery, chemotherapy and radio therapy are also used in the treatment of breast cancer. However, some of these breast cancer treatments possibly affect the normal functioning of ovaries and causes early menopause in you.

Are there any complementary treatments?

Some of you can use various complementary and alternative therapies for breast cancer treatment. Acupuncture, massage therapy, special diets, essential vitamins and nutrients intake, meditation and various other kinds of spiritual healing techniques can be used to treat breast cancer.

But, always remember not to take your own decisions regarding health. It is always recommended to take necessary suggestions from your personal physician. Discuss about your overall health condition and also the risks and benefits associated with those complementary and alternative therapies and then try to choose the one, which can give effective results for you.

What kind of nutrition and physical activity you have to prefer?

If you are really facing severe troubles with breast cancer, you have to take appropriate care of yourselves individually, without depending on others. Ensure that you take essential vitamins and nutrients with considerable amount of calories in your regular routine.

At times after treatment, you might not feel like eating or you will feel that foods are not as good as they are used to. In addition to this, you can also experience poor appetite, mouth sores and vomiting. So, try to take necessary suggestions from any experienced dietitian or your personal health care provider to deal with nutritional concern.

It is a known fact that staying active and practicing regular body exercises certainly makes you to feel better with various abnormal health conditions. So, try to practice yoga, swimming and various other activities that can help you to manage the effects of breast cancer treatment in an effective way.