Link Between Alcohol Consumption And Breast Cancer Risk

Are you aware of the fact that excess alcohol intake can increase cancer risk? Most of you might be unaware of the fact that even a drink or two of alcohol everyday can increase your cancer risk.

According to American Cancer Society, women who consume more than one drink in a day are at increased risk of developing cancer causing tumors in breast when compared with others (who don’t drink regularly).

Why alcohol consumption can raise risk of breast cancer?

Most of the doctors believe that alcohol mainly disturbs the metabolism of estrogen and makes your body sensitive to hormones. As a result, you can encounter various problems like development of cancer causing tumors and many more.

How alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer?

Some of the tumors in breast are mainly fueled with estrogen hormones and few are not. But, it is believed by most of the doctors that drinking alcohol whether it is beer or wine, increases the risk of causing more aggressive types of tumors.

Actually, most of the doctors categorize tumors in two types one is estrogen/progesterone-receptor positive (ERP/PRP) and estrogen/progesterone-receptor negative (ERN/PRN). So, women who regularly consume alcohol are at increased risk of developing ERP tumors, which are more aggressive, than who don’t drink.

So, alcohol is not the only source that raises breast cancer risk, but it can turn your condition into most serious case if you consume excess alcohol.