Mushrooms And Green Tea Are Shielding Against Breast Cancer

green teaOur modern age that we are living in has brought upon us an increased risk of getting some life threatening disease.

The number of conditions, illnesses and diseases has certainly grown, so has the need of finding solutions and cures for these issues.

Scientists, doctors, researchers, experts of different kinds, they all have this as their common goal.

A lot of different types of cancers and tumors make people really fear for their health and their lives on a daily basis. But still, some good news every now and then gives us great hope.

As a matter of fact, a recent study done by Perth University shows that the women consuming mushrooms on regular basis reduce the mammal cancer risk by 60 %.

This is certainly great news for all of us especially the women.

But why exactly the mushrooms?

Well this research was done in order to determine if certain antioxidants can be used as prevention against breast cancer.

As it turned out to be this theory was proven to be correct and therefore the mushrooms, which are known for being rich in antioxidants, were chosen for the test.

Although, probably the mushrooms are among the most effective foods against breast cancer, still all the other antioxidant rich foods will have a solid effect.

So eating oranges, cherries, all sorts of berries, all sorts of beans, chili peppers, red cabbage, parsley, spinach, lemon, ginger or drinking green tea will protect you from mammal cancer. Include these in your regular diet and you will also benefit from their contribution on your entire body.

Another research reached the conclusion that drinking green tea every day will also be shielding against breast cancer. The antioxidants that are in the green tea are protecting the organism with the process of regeneration

They are regenerating the old cells so that they are fit and more resistant to diseases, they also help the immune system by regenerating the defensive cells.

As a conclusion from all these, we can say that it is more than clear that both the mushrooms and the green tea are rich in the same type of antioxidant.

Also, it can be concluded that all antioxidants are good for the whole organism and the body, so introducing mushrooms and green tea in our everyday diet, is a must for everyone. And increasing in the intake of other antioxidants as well will give us some insurance that we will have a breast cancer free life.