Nutritional Supplements For Breast Cancer – Part 1

As one confronts the scepter of cancer, one wants to do all that is possible to resolve it and alternative therapies are undoubtedly something that may be considered.

However, nutritional supplements for breast cancer can be confusing; either because one doesn’t know what works, or because one may have conflicting information.

Also it is not reasonable to presume that one can reverse a cancer completely using nutritional therapy; however it can most certainly be used to strengthen the immune system of the body and able to fight better against the cancer.

  • Green tea is known to contain natural anti cancer properties and is thought to be able to help reduce cancer risk as well as help in reducing the size of tumors.
  • Soy supplements or more particularly isoflavone genistein are plant chemicals thought to have cancer fighting properties and are known to help in staving off cancers of the breast as well as the prostate and the colon. However, there is a conflicting view that soy increases the estrogen levels in the body and may therefore actually contribute to breast cancer development.
  • Aspirin or NSAID such as Ibuprofen are thought to reduce inflammation in the body and consequently may contribute to fighting cancer.
  • Increasing immunity by any means is good for preventing cancer; getting more active, eating a balanced healthy diet are all known to help.