Save Lives Through Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women in the world today. In order to fight the alarming number of deaths caused by this dreaded disease, local government and non-government organizations came up with breast cancer awareness programs to inform the people about it.

These programs are supported and participated in by people from all walks of life especially by breast cancer patients and doctors. It is the best way to raise awareness of this form of cancer that affects millions of women around the world.

Benefits of breast cancer awareness

1. Helps you gain more knowledge about breast cancer, its symptoms, causes, and treatments. Breast cancer awareness is conducted by experts and even victims so you’re assured of getting reliable information.

Testimonies of patients can also provide you with first hand information about breast cancer and the effective ways to deal with it.

2. Raise funds to help patients especially those who can barely afford treatments like chemotherapy. There are private organizations and individuals who conduct awareness campaigns especially during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month to buy medicines and pay for treatments of patients.

Others use their funds to print flyers and booklets about breast cancer which they distribute to health facilities, learning institutions, and other places.

3. If you’re a victim of breast cancer or has a loved one with breast cancer, you’ll find out that joining breast cancer awareness programs and campaigns can be a source of encouragement for you.

For starters, you get to know other patients, their friends and family members as well as doctors. Being around people who know exactly the situation you are in and who understand you can boost your spirit.

Who can join breast cancer awareness?

1. Medical experts

The people who know breast cancer best are the doctors themselves. Joining in activities that raise breast cancer awareness is one way they can spread information about this ailment. Many people are still unaware of breast cancer, especially on how to prevent or treat it.

2. Breast cancer patients

During the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you’ll find patients marching in the streets or talking onstage. It is the time for them to express themselves in public and share their experiences.

Informing others about breast cancer is their own little way of helping other women from falling into the deadly traps of breast cancer.

3. Concerned citizens

You’ll also find many concerned individuals in breast cancer awareness campaigns. Family and friends of patients, colleagues of doctors, government officials, students, educators, and even the who’s who in society join this great cause. They even wear uniform shirts and other accessories to identify them as participants.

Breast cancer can happen to anyone. Though studies showed that it is hereditary, still you must know how to arm yourself against this deadly disease. One effective way to do so is through breast cancer awareness.

Be responsible, check your breasts regularly, and visit your doctor immediately once you feel something different in your body.