Soy Consumption Decreases the Effect of Breast Cancer

Various studies showed that consumption of soy products have various health benefits, particularly for women. Soy foods and their components have cancer-inhibitory effects on breast cancer.

High soy intake during teenage years can reduce the risk of breast cancer in a woman’s maturity years.

Soy for Breast CancerSoy foods are high in phytoestrogens, isoflavones, which contain two major compounds such as genistein and daidzin.

Phytoestrogens fight with estrogen to fit into the estrogen receptor sites in various parts of your body including breast tissues.

Estrogen greatly stimulates cell reproduction and greater exposure to estrogen can put you at greater risk of breast cancer.

So, consuming soy can increase anti-estrogens in your body thus blocking estrogen from entering into the receptors.

Also premenopausal women can benefit greatly from consumption of soy foods because their natural estrogen levels are high.

But, there no evidence of soy food for postmenopausal women in preventing breast cancer risk. Soy could become pro-estrogen in women with low levels of estrogen.

Concentrated soy products can include estrogen into the body thus increasing the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Still research needs to be conducted on the advantages and disadvantages of high levels of isoflavons in breast cancer prevention.