Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Join Breast Cancer Walk

Did you know that treatments for breast cancer are very expensive that some patients can no longer afford them? Even the survival rate for breast cancer decreased because many can’t afford the treatments designed to help cure it. In order to address this problem, more and more breast cancer organizations come up with ways and means to raise funds for victims just like sponsoring breast cancer walk.

breast cancer walkRaising money for breast cancer patients is very challenging. Organizations can’t just walk up to somebody and ask for money. A very effective way to raise funds is through the conduct of breast cancer walk. It is a legit way to raise money and at the same time get the word out on breast cancer.

If you still haven’t joined a breast cancer walk, now is the time to consider joining in one. This cause is sponsored by many organizations and even private companies who want to raise breast cancer awareness.  Here’s why you should join:

  • Help breast cancer patients worldwide

The breast cancer walk takes only a few minutes of your time and during this short period, you are already helping millions of breast cancer patients all over the world. Imagine the number of patients who will benefit from your small act of kindness. You don’t need to donate money or give free medicines anymore since joining the breast cancer walk can do that for you.

  • Raise breast cancer awareness

Nobody really paid too much attention on breast cancer until it became a major cause of death among women. One of the main reasons why many became victims of this disease is the fact that they were not properly informed about it. By joining the breast cancer walk, you help spread awareness of this form of cancer. At the same time, you’re also updating yourself especially with the latest breakthroughs about it.

  • Gain new friends

Joining the breast cancer walk is actually a great avenue to make new friends. Here you get to meet breast cancer patients, survivors, and other people who share the same advocacy and ideals with you. It is an excellent way to bond with friends too. In some cases, there are celebrities and well-known individuals who also join the walk. Meeting them is just an added bonus to the big help you contribute to breast cancer organizations.

  • Avail of freebies

You may not ask for it but joining a breast cancer walk also entitles you to some freebies. These include breast cancer awareness t-shirts, caps, and even accessories which you can wear during the walk. There are cases wherein organizers also provide free snacks.

How to join breast cancer walk?

Breast cancer organizations are always on the lookout for new members to join their team. You can visit these organizations and apply personally. You also have the option of signing up for free through their online registration. If you’re confused which organizations to join in, you may ask your friends or doctors to help you out.