Can You Detect Cancer By Smell?

It may sound a bit like unscientific mumbo jumbo that a cancer could be detected by somehow sniffing out the person and their cancer, but there is evidence to show that this is possible.

Research conducted using trained dogs was able to show that it is possible for dogs to detect cancer in patients simply by smelling their breath.

Patients of lung cancer and breast cancer were able to have their cancers detected in the early stages simply by using the services of canines that were given some basic training for some weeks.

Previously dogs have also been able to detect melanomas in skin cancer by smelling skin lesions.

Recent studies have also shown promise that it may be possible to detect the presence of prostate cancer among patients by having dogs sniff their urine.

Since cancer cells emit metabolic waste product smells that set them apart from normal or healthy cells it is possible to detect the cancer with the help of smell.

Add to this the fact that the olfactory capabilities of dogs are very highly developed; being able to identify chemical traces in the range of parts per trillion, and you have the strong likelihood of canines being able to detect cancers by their sense of smell.