Clostridium Novyi – A Life Giving Bacteria

Clostridium NovyiCancer and tumor are surely the diseases that have marked the recent years.

The large number of people with different types of cancer or different types of tumor, the fact that both cancer and tumor can be lethal, and the fact that there is still nothing concrete as a solution in the battle against them, have made the experts in many different areas to try and find a cure.

Through the years millions of tests were conducted, a lot of theories were built, a lot of researches and experiments were made, yet, up to this date there is nothing that brings greater hope than the studies done on clostridium novyi.

What is clostridium novyi?

Well, it is a microbe, a bacterium that does not need oxygen in order to feed, breathe and survive. This microbe can be found in certain types of soil, certain types of plants, and manure.

What is interesting about this bacterium is the fact that until recently it was considered lethal. As a matter of fact, every year there are still some cases of clostridium novyi deaths all over the world.

This is happening because of the anaerobic property of the microbe. In other words, when it finds itself in a protein environment, like the human muscle, it starts to produce a toxin.

This appears like an infection on the human body, and if it is not discovered or treated in time, the large quantities of the lethal toxin may lead to death.

But as mentioned before, the clostridium novyi was considered to be only lethal just until recently.

Some theories that were developed by the experts in this field suggested that tumors can be treated from their inside with some bacteria of this kind, only if the negative effect of the bacteria on the rest of the organism is removed.

Well, scientists believed that this could just be the case with clostridium novyi since the toxin gene that it possesses can easily be removed.

Well this could have only remained a theory but not long ago the first experiments were conducted and they gave some very positive results.

What this testing has shown is that if a tumor is implanted with a type of the clostridium novyi that has no toxin genes, and if the same tumor is treated from the outside with some chemotherapy, then there are over fifty percent chances that the tumor will be gone.

This is of course excellent news, but it will surely take some time and a lot of experimenting before this is turned into a real drug. So the clostridium novyi has actually become a potential life giving bacteria, a possible way to cure malign tumors.

This gives great hope to everyone and makes us hope that we will finally win the battle against cancers and tumors.