Effect Of Dreadful Pain On Cancer Patients!

Cancer PainPain Is Terrible! Pain, which can be caused by the dreadful disease cancer or by its treatment procedures, is common in people, although not all people with cancer will experience pain but this is very rare.

Approximately 70% to 90% of people with advanced cancer experience pain and 30% to 50% of people with cancer experience pain while undergoing treatment.

Studies have shown that most of the advanced disease patients experience severe pain, regardless of the stage of the disease.

Almost 50% of patients may be undertreated for cancer pain. Note that not all cancer patients feel pain, and pain is rarely a sign of early disease. Pain usually increases as disease progresses.

The Actual Cause!! The most common cancer pain is from tumors that metastasize or spread to the bone. A majority of the diseased patients with bone metastasis experience pain.

Tumors infiltrating the nerve and hollow viscus cause the second most common cancer pain. Tumors near neural structures may cause the most severe pain. Result of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery causes the third most common pain associated with cancer.

Cancer pain also may occur in different parts of the body. In one study, more than 80% of patients experienced two distinct pains, and more than 30% experienced three distinct pains

Life Is Precious!! To people living with cancer or for that matter anyone. Life becomes miserable when pain becomes part of each day, of one’s daily life. Naturally these days are diminished and life looses its quality.

Look what damage pain can do to the quality of life:

  • Sadness, depression [depression manament] and worry are commonly felt emotions
  • Appetite diminishes
  • Sleep is disturbed
  • Ability to work is impaired
  • Exhaustion can become a constant companion
  • Simple pleasures such as enjoying one’s family are impaired or given up
  • Reluctance to move or exercise is experienced
  • Trips and vacations are uncomfortable or impossible
  • Feelings of isolation from the world increase

Can cancer pain be controlled?

Definitely yes, but this varies from patient to patient and also other factors. As pain is a common problem for people with cancer this has become the most important issue to plan along the treatment methods.

Some therapies for this disease may also cause discomfort or pain. Relieve or reduce pain in several ways is done by:

  • By using pain medicines. Over years it is understood that medicines often can relieve pain.
  • The other option is Radiation in which the high-energy rays are used to shrink the tumor thus relieving pain.
  • In nerve block the doctor may inject alcohol into the area around certain nerves in the abdomen to block the pain.

The health care team may also suggest other ways to relieve or reduce pain. For example acupuncture therapy, acupressure or massage may be used. All these may be used along with other approaches as well.

Also, the patient may learn to relieve pain through relaxation techniques such as listening to slow music a form of art therapy or breathing slowly and comfortably.

One of the conventional treatment options used to treat cancer pain is the pain management. The goal of pain management is not only relief from cancer pain, but also the maintenance of your normal quality of life.

That Really Sounds Good!! All methods of pain management attempt to alter your perception of it or control the cause of the pain.

Please note that successful management usually involves a combination of techniques because of the complex nature of cancer pain.