Foods That Feed A Cancer

The sustenance for cancer cells comes from what you eat; what you put inside your body. And while some foods do manage to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells or at any rate make no difference to them, there are some foods that manage to encourage them; foods that actually feed a cancer.

Sugar: Apart from all the other ills that sugar fosters, it also feeds cancer cells. Sugar enables cancer cells to derive sustenance and energy and to grow.

And it isn’t just items that have real sugar in them, artificial sweeteners are also to blame. Items like refined foods, sugar and sodas should be avoided; if possible refined sugar should be replaced with honey or molasses.

Oils and Trans fats: Oil heated to extremely high temperatures or oil that is reheated or reused is seen to form carcinogenic compounds. Also trans fats are known to have inflammatory properties which can contribute to cancer formations.

Salty and processed foods: Processed foods and cured meats are known to increase the risk of colon cancer because of the high levels of sodium contained in them.

Grilled or charred meat: Grilling or charring meat is also known to produce carcinogenic compounds and is linked to cancers of the digestive tract.

Milk: Milk is said to promote the formation of mucus, which in turn can encourage the formation of tumors.