Healing From Cancer Is Directly Linked To Our State Of Mind

As unbelievable as it may seem, our health is directly linked to our feelings and emotions and this becomes even more obvious at the cancer patients.

During chemotherapy, the vital role that people have over there, evolution becomes very important because it is influencing the way their body responds to the treatment.

Many people consider when diagnosed with a form of cancer that the doctors, the healers and the treatment are the only responsible factors in charge of restoring their health.

This is very wrong under the conditions that our body is directly linked to the way we think, to our system of belief, to our attitude and concepts concerning life. The way people think and approach the cancer treatment is influencing radically the result that treatment has.

This is how when believing a certain treatment is going to work, believing in the voices that recommend a certain doctor or hospital, praising the results shown by other people in a similar situation, the mind associates the success with the similarity of action and believes in it assuming it for itself.

Here are the seven rules a cancer patient should follow when undergoing cancer treatment:

1. The emotions can significantly influence the body response to the treatment. Emotions are linked to our immunity and the body responds to positive emotion by creating a fighting impulse.

2. What we believe, our strong opinions have tremendous effect on our body because what we believe about our odds to be healed is exactly what our body believes.

3. We are the only ones in charge of what happens to us during treatment. If we say we hurt, we will hurt for sure.

4. The psychological response is not something generally established. It can be learnt, taught and educated and that is why psychological assistance is a must for cancer patients.

5. We are functioning like a physical, mental, spiritual and social force. The way we are leaves a powerful print over the environment we live in. Being ill that environment does its best to heal us regardless that in question are people, things, plants or animals. The important fact is our body responds to all of them.

6. The harmony has a crucial role in our health and the balance between all the aspects of a living being. The relationship we share with the significant parts of our world conditions the response we produce to the health challenges we face.

7. It is in our power to fight the cancer; we are physically fit from a genetic point of view no matter what our mind tells us. The human body is the result of millenniums of adaptations and it is built to survive when properly motivated.