Importance Of The Second (Or Third) Opinion

cancer patientWhen one is confronted by the earth shattering news of having been diagnosed with a cancer, it is difficult to think straight, much less act rationally.

At a time like this is it is difficult to remember that doctors are human beings like all the rest of us.

They know a lot but they don’t know everything. That could be either through a particular doctor’s personal or education limitations, or the perimeters or extent of their experience.

In any case, it there is something that does not feel right, that’s probably because it isn’t. Every so often it makes sense to trust that little something called the gut instinct.

So if something tells you that all is not perfectly well with the way that you feel or with the way that treatment is proceeding, then there should be nothing to stop you from getting a second opinion; or even a third or a forth for that matter.

Sometimes there could be a side effect that is not being treated well enough, a discomfort that is not going away, in this case a second opinion may really be the thing to get.

Not only is this a fresh and new perspective examining your problem, it is another body of personal knowledge and experience that is being added to the treatment you are receiving.