Industrial Laboratories A Slow Path To Cancer

Industrial LaboratoryIn this world of industry and technology, materials abound that can either be pointed at as causes of certain cancers or aid in the growth and multiplication of cancer cells.

The radiation emitted by several radioactive substances, for example, is considered carcinogenic.

Asbestos, tobacco smoke, and certain dioxins are also examples of carcinogens.

People who work in laboratories developing new products for the construction industry are often exposed to carcinogens. These substances could affect the worker either immediately after a single exposure or after multiple exposures over an extended period.

Contact or exposure to industrial solvents containing toxic substances like benzene could slowly lead to kidney cancer.  Exposure to radiation from X-rays or other sources could result in a burn that could eventually become malignant.

It is important for people to know the effects of exposure to carcinogens in the workplace.  Protection suits, lead plates, gloves, masks – these items are needed to afford the worker a first line of defense against exposure to carcinogens. Most industrial and specialized laboratories have them; it is up to the worker to use them, for their own protection.

What many industrial laboratories and testing centers may need to establish is regular cancer screening and hormone analysis for their employees, particularly those exposed to carcinogens.

Over 10,000 cancer cases have been found in industrial workers over a period of 10 years.  Regular medical check-ups that include taking the patient’s occupational history may also be beneficial, in that any cancer the worker may have would be caught early.