A Tumor Melting Virus? What’s That?

reovirusWhile most of us view the term ‘virus’ with distaste and distrust, here is now a virus that could actually be beneficial to human beings.

A recent study has displayed heartening results in human trials that a particularly virus can destroy cancer cells and leave normal healthy cells of the body unharmed.

The virus is seen to work against prostate, colon, ovarian, lymphoid, breast, brain, lung, pancreatic, head and neck cancers and other cancer cells as well.

Apparently, nearly all of us are infected with this virus; called the Reovirus, though we are unaware of it. The virus doesn’t seem to do us much harm, since all it does is causing mild symptoms much like flu. It is against cancer cells that it shows its true destructive colors.

This virus is not a new discovery and for a decade researchers have been trying to see how it can be used as a non toxic cancer cure. What this recent study did was, inject the virus into tumors which showed that the virus was able to make at least some headway against the cancer. Though the virus was not seen to spread through the entire affected area, it showed enough positive results for researchers to be very hopeful of further breakthroughs.

Source: Web MD