Blood And Urine Test For Early Cancer Detection

With early detection being our best tool to fight cancer, multiple studies seek to detect cancer as soon as possible in order to get the most effective treatment as possible.

In this connection, a new blood test for detecting lung cancer and a urine test to improve prostate diagnosis are among the recent advancements made.

Months or even years before the actual symptoms of lung cancer appear, a blood test may be able to detect the early stages of lung cancer.

The body produces certain defenses in reaction to the early stages of lung cancer, which the blood test may be able to detect and offer advanced warning.

As of now it has a success rate of 40% in identifying cancer and can be useful in detecting other kinds of cancer as well: ovarian, breast and colon cancer all reduce immune response and may therefore offer advanced warning signs.

Prostate cancers are notoriously difficult to identify and a urine test is now possible that can more accurately pinpoint prostate cancer than either a rectal exam or the currently available blood test. The test was approved for use in Europe in 2006 but is not yet approved in the United States.