Blood Test May Revolutionize Cancer Treatment

Researchers are involved in developing a blood test that could be so sensitive as to detect even a single cancer cell, and thereby revolutionize cancer treatment by making very early detection possible. It is being termed a ‘Liquid Biopsy’, this hypersensitive blood test for cancer which could offer cancer sufferers to attack this fatal disease before it starts to attack them.

blood testA biopsy is performed to detect malignancy or benignity of a tumor by surgically taking a small sample of tissue from the tumor and testing it to detect its properties and this test will hopefully make it possible for professionals to simply take a blood sample; a liquid biopsy so to speak.

It is well known that early detection is a key to treating cancer successfully, and this test which may be able to detect even one cancer cells will be able to offer fresh hope to sufferers.

However, it is important to remember that this test is still being developed and it is not certain when this will be available for the general public to use. Only a few hospitals so far are offering this test.