Common Use Items and Their Alleged Link to Cancer – Part 1

household items linked to cancerFrom time to time, alarmist news pieces link commonly used items to cancer. However how much of this is fact and how much is hype and misinformation born out of vested interests and paranoia?

The Chicago Tribune looks at common household items that have been linked to cancer in the past –

  • Antiperspirants, deodorants, and paraben containing items were said to be carcinogenic, however there is little evidence to show that they may be harmful. The fact is that 99% of us are exposed to parabens in food, cosmetics and other items.
  • Decades ago certain chemicals in hair dyes and hair colors were found to be cancer causing and use of these chemicals were discontinued. However the chemicals used in currently used colors and dyes are less implicated, and there is no definite link found between their use and cancer currently.
  • Artificial sweeteners were seen to cause cancer in rats in the past, however neither cyclamate, nor saccharin, the most commonly used artificial sweeteners are seen to cause cancer in human beings. Similarly no increased cancer risk is seen to be associated with aspartame either.