Fight Your Cancer By Socializing

A new study has suggested an unusual cure for cancer – socializing! Changing your lifestyle to keep company with more people could help people combat their cancer better and see considerable improvements in their condition, say researchers connected with the study.

socializingThe findings are unusual in that they indicate something contrary to accepted medical knowledge – that stress is bad for health.

Rather, the findings indicate that manageable levels of stress are able to help the body fight disease.

The findings of the study are significant because they could alter guidelines about the sort of lifestyle cancer sufferers should have after their diagnosis. This shows us that it is not just the actual treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and medications that are important in fighting the disease, but also the living conditions that are important.

The aim, according to Matthew During of The Ohio State University, should be for cancer patients to live a richer life, both physically and socially for them to be challenged. The aim is not to minimize stress, since researchers identified the stress of socializing as the key factor in suppressing the cancers.

The perception that people have of their disease, their social interactions and environment could actually impact their cancer greatly, according to During.