Kidney Disease Linked To Cancer, But Only In Men

lung cancerA recent study shows that men who are suffering from kidney disease are at greater risk from lung cancer therefore suggesting that preventing kidney disease could save lives.

Australian, Dr. Germaine Wong from Westmead Hospital, looked at over three thousand people between fifty years and one hundred.

A third had kidney disease but not in the extreme, in other words none required a transplant or the need for dialysis.

The data, published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, reports that after ten years the individuals researched were checked for amongst other things the instance of cancer. In women, with a disease of the kidney, there were no difference, but for men there was.

There was an extra six cases per one thousand who had been diagnosed with cancer, which is a significant figure. As the function of the kidney deteriorated, the risk became the same as those requiring new kidneys or regular time on a dialysis machine.

Over twenty per cent of men will suffer from a chronic form of kidney disease which put makes these findings very important. As well as cancer of the lung there are also at risk from urinary cancer too.

Wong continues that neither, prostate or colorectal cancer, were connected to these conditions. She believes that public awareness is the key, as the main causes of kidney disease in America are high blood pressure and diabetes, with men being notorious for not seeking medical attention.

Ultimately making the early symptoms known to the wider population can make a real difference and even save hundreds of lives each year.