Medical Marijuana To Get Cigarette Style Cancer Warnings On Packaging

marijuanaEnvironmental regulators of the state of California announced that in the future medical marijuana which is commonly used for the painful side effects of cancer will have to come with a warning label much like cigarettes that warns of its cancer carcinogen risks.

California legalized the use of marijuana for patients who suffer from diseases such as glaucoma, AIDS, and cancer in 1996 after a series of research studies proved marijuana could be used to alleviate pain and nausea that often come alongside end stage AIDS and cancer treatments.

Regulators stated that in studies from the Environmental Health Hazard Assessment Office the link between marijuana smoke and cancer is clearly demonstrated through scientific proof despite the fact that pot defenders advocate the presence of smoke is just a causal link brought out to slow down the legalization efforts of the drug.

University of Southern California epidemiologist Thomas Mack says that the announcement of a label for marijuana should hardly be surprising given that any leaf from any plant that is burnt would have the compounds that have been linked to other cancer carcinogens.

Mack did additionally however, that while there is data linking the marijuana smoke to cancer, it is merely suggestive not conclusive evidence.