Men Who Avoid The Doctor More Likely To Suffer From Cancer

health checkupNew research shows that men are more likely to die from cancer and many other related diseases over women due to the fact they are less likely to regularly visit a doctor and live less healthy lifestyles.

Additionally, due to the fact that men are not as health conscious as women, they are 70% more apt to die from kidney, liver, and stomach cancers.  The high number may also be due to the fact that men are more likely to develop cancer in these locations as well.

The results which did not show a biological explanation for the results was conducted by the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) in the UK.

Due to the lack of biological reasons, common male behaviors such as avoiding the doctor’s office and unhealthy lifestyles were considered to be the leading cause of the difference between men and women’s cancer risk.

NCIN lead Professor David Forman commented that men are known for their ‘stiff upper lip’ when it comes to healthcare which is reflected in the results of the report.

He also commented that even when diagnosed and faced with a medical problem men are less likely to make the proper dietary changes to reduce the risk factors.

The UK cancer tsar, Mike Richards, announced after the study was released that the problem will be tackled with a new program agenda titled ‘Ahead of the Game’ to help encourage men to seek aid for medical problems in a more timely fashion.

Additional results from the study show that men are not only 16% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer of any kind but also 60% more likely to develop cancer that generally affects both genders.