New Drug To Shrink Cancers

Research is constantly ongoing to find new and better treatments for cancers and now at King’s College London offered new hope to women who suffer from ovarian and breast cancers – the new drug, called olaparib, targets cancer cells caused by faulty genes.

new drug olaparibThe new drug was seen to shrink the size of the tumors significantly in women with breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

The size was seen to reduce and the tumors were also seen to stop progressing for about 6 months.

Patients who underwent the new treatment had advanced stages of the cancer and were already undergoing chemotherapy.

In another report, Guidelines for Cancer survivors advised exercise. Even those cancer patients who haven’t yet finished treatment are advised to exercise. This is seen to improve quality of life and decrease the fatigue related to cancer.

Exercise is also seen to ward off decline of physical function after the completion of treatment. Not exercising can result in replacement of muscle tissue with fat and this result in symptoms similar to premature aging. Exercise not only reduces cancer risk in the first place, there is also some reason to believe that it could help reduce chances of recurrence.

Cancer survivors are advised to take the same amount of exercise as recommended for the average person: about 2½ hours a week.