Researchers Find Strong Link Between Obesity And Cancer

Researchers performing tests in relation with obesity and certain forms of cancer found that there is definitely a relation between weight problems and cancer, notably cancer of the esophagus in both men and women, and gallbladder as well as uterine endometrial cancer in women.

Other types of cancer were also linked to obesity, but to a lesser extent, including cancer of the colon, blood cancers and breast tumors.

If overweight problems could be overcome, a great number of people could avoid developing tumors, unfortunately overweight problems are a real social affliction of modern days.

The lack of exercise and the imbalance in people’s diets is widespread nowadays, it has become part of our social system and lifestyle, junk food is advertised everywhere, added to the fact that healthier food is generally more expensive than junk or processed food.

A high consumption of red meat can also increase the risk of cancer, even in those people who do not have weight problems, more commonly for breast cancer.

In order to treat cancer, in particular prostate cancer, studies have confirmed that radiation therapy in conjunction with hormone therapy can considerably lower the risk of fatality.

During the studies carried out, those patients treated with both radiation and hormones did suffer from side effects, such as diarrhea, although the patients admitted they were tolerable.