Watercress For Protection Against Cancer

Watercress has cancer fighting properties, found scientists at Southampton University and it hence joins the list of foods that are known to have certain special properties.

watercressResearchers found that water cress has cancer fighting properties; that watercress extract inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells and also helps fight against the recurrence of the disease.

Eating one portion or 80 grams of the watercress daily was seen to up levels of cancer fighting molecules in the blood stream. This positive impact was seen within hours of eating the portion of watercress.

Those who are recovering from breast cancer can also get help since this prevents the cancer from reappearing. One of the chemicals found to be present in watercress is isothiocyanates, which are seen to possess cancer fighting properties.

The study was conducted on breast cancer victims as well as in the laboratory, where, watercress leaf extracts were able to inhibit tumor growth. The study was too small to offer irrefutable evidence and more research is required to confirm its findings.

However this study adds to the growing body of evidence that suggests that certain foods like broccoli and cabbage, which also contain isothiocyanates, are able to protect against cancer.