WWII-Era Chemotherapy Drug Raises Cancer Hope

cancer geneAccording to UK researchers, one of the first chemotherapy drug shows effective results to work against a genetic fault that can trigger cancers and bowel disease.

In latest lab tests Methotrexate, first administered in 1940s was found effective to kill cancer cells containing MSH2 gene. This particular research raises a new hope of targeted treatments for those whose cancer is driven by faulty gene.

EMBO Molecular Medicine reports that trails have already begun in patients with HNPCC genetic condition that leaves people with a prosperity to develop certain forms of cancer.

Rob Glynne-Jones, chief medical adviser at Bowel Cancer UK, says that the discovery of faulty gene that has been found to be a specific target for earliest Methotrexate is really exciting development.

But, it will probably only be relevant to a small proportion of patients who have bowel cancer because HNPCC is only responsible for about 5% of bowel cancer cases.

Source: BBC