Cancer Overview

Cancer is a dreadful disease which affects several people. It is named after the organ or part of the body which it affects like the liver cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer etc. Cancer is a result of abnormal cell multiplication in an uncontrolled manner.

Normally the cells divide and multiply in a regular fashion and die off after some time. But these cancer cells do not die and accumulate to form tumors or cancerous growth in the organs or parts of the body.

Metastasis is defined as the stage in which cancer cells are transported through the bloodstream or lymphatic system. The metastasis cancer cells are similar to the cells from where they are originated. A weakened immune system is susceptible to get cancer.

Cancer may affect many people irrespective of age. Many mutation events may be required to transform a normal cell into a malignant cell. Chemical agents such as carcinogens are responsible for causing mutations which lead to developing cancer.

The diagnosis of cancer is done by microscopic observation of the tissue obtained by the biopsy or the surgery. The cancer treatment procedures involve varoius methods depending on the specific type, location of the caerous tumor and the stage of the cancer.

Depending on the patient condition the methods of treatments are implemented either as a single process or as combination. For example the radiation therapy and chemotherapy are administered simaltaneously for better cure and as a good recovery option.