Cancer Treatment Methods

Cancer treatment is the great achievement in a way to get rid of the dreadful disease and give a better life for the affected patients.

Many inventions, clinical trials, lots of scientific efforts have made it ultimately possible to treat the devastating and destructive disease to a certain extent.

Earlier cancer was highly an untreatable disease which took several lives due to lack of proper guidance and most importantly proper treatment. But now gone are the days as everyday new experiments are performed to get better treatment options.

The aim of cancer treatment is to control the spread of the disease, to diminish the affect of symptoms, to boost the life span, to stop the reoccurrence and to give a better life.

Various Cancer Treatment Methods

There are many cancer treatment methods which are implemented today for achieving best results. Some of them include the standard methods of cancer treatments like the surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Many alternative cancer cure methods are also available for the patients. (Cure Cancer in a Natural Way)

Cancer Treatment with Surgery

Generally cancer can be removed entirely by surgery, in case of breast cancer the surgery performed is termed as mastectomy and that of prostate cancer is prostatectomy. This surgery may either remove just the tumor or the entire organ.

In case of metastasis stage cancer this type of treatment may not be possible as the disease will be spread to other sites of the body prior to surgery.

Surgery in addition to removal of the primary tumor is often necessary for staging. Staging is a process of determining the extent of the disease and whether it has metastasized to regional lymph nodes. It is a major determinant of prognosis


This type of cancer treatment uses the administration of the drugs either orally or intravenously. This cancer treatment aims to either kill the malignant cells or stop their spread and multiplication.

This chemotherapy is given in regular doses and cycles. The doctor is the best person to decide at what stage the patient need to receive chemotherapy and if possible with what other combination treatment to be given.

There is no such chemotherapy treatment without any side effects but it should be noted that these side effects are just temporary and subside as time goes by. Keep in mind that this type of treatment tries to recover the patient and fights the disease.

Cancer Treatment with Radiation therapy

Similarly as chemotherapy radiation therapy also aims in killing the diseased cells if possible or to stop them from reproducing. This method of cancer treatment uses high energy x-rays to damage the DNA of cells, thereby killing the diseased cells.

Though this radiation kills the normal cells the damage caused to the diseased cells is more than the normal cells. The normal cells in due course of time repair this damage caused. This is the reason the radiation therapy is given in regulars cycles to give time for the normal cells to recover.

Hormone Therapy:

Certain hormones are said to promote the growth of diseased cells for example the estrogen hormones are said to promote the growth of breast cancer cells so to inhibit this process certain anti estrogen drugs are given to the patient.

These hormones are naturally produced substances that act as chemical messengers to assist in the normal control and functions of the bodies cells.

Immunotherapy treatment is also one of the cancer treatment methods given nowadays for better results. Immunotherapeutic drugs work by strengthening the immune system, which is the body’s natural defense mechanism.

Autologous Stem Cell Transplants or Bone Marrow Transplants are the modern methods of treating cancer apart from the standard methods of cancer treatment.