Can Herbs Cure Cancer?

Cancer HerbsWelcome!! Want to know about Herbs for Cancer or Cancer Herbs? So you want to go herbal way.

Good! Then start you journey now. Know all about the cancer herbs, their advantages and disadvantages if any.

Much information is available in this aspect. The information is dedicated in helping those that are faced with this dreadful disease.

This is a challenging time, to cope up with the disease. When the body becomes weak and no longer can fight the disease, Cancer strikes and makes its way, taking years to develop.

Chinese Herbs have been used for over 5000 years. Surprised!! This is true. Many herbs have been used to strengthen the body and bring it back to a balanced state. Simple logic is when the body is strong; it can fight and destroy cancer. [Traditional Chinese Medicine]

Did You Know!! Approximately 80% of the world’s population depends exclusively on plants for their health and healing.

Reliance on surgery and pharmaceutical medicine is more usual, but increasingly, more and more people are complementing their treatment with natural supplements in the developed world.

Did you hear of Essiac? This is the name of its discoverer spelled backwards. Rene Caisse, she was a Canadian nurse who attributed her survival to four herbs used by the Ojibwa Indians to treat malignant conditions. Over years of research and usage this seemed to be really effective.

Cancer represents a major test of the herbal tools of all conditions which the herbalist/traditional Chinese medical doctor may treat.

A common and largely accurate perception of the damaging effects of malignancy is that “if the cancer doesn’t kill you, the biomedical treatments for it will.”

This statement, while accurate in some regards, doesn’t take into account the growing effectiveness of chemotherapy against many forms of the disease.

Now let’s see what are the most frequently used cancer herbs till date:

Black Walnut: Rich in organic iodine and tannins which contain antiseptic properties and kills all parasites in the body, which some feel is related to cancer.

Burdock: Blood purifier therefore, alleviating boils, eczema, abscesses and other skin disorders.

Echinacea: Glandular balancer, especially lymphatic and liver areas. It is the most important blood purifier, antiseptic and anti infection herb. Good for blood poisoning, pus diseases, boils, snake and spider bites and is one of the ingredients in essiac

Sheep Sorrel: Some say this is a miracle herb which clears the digestive system, has a purifying effect on the system and curing infections, fevers, poisoning.

Recommended for all urinary or digestive malfunctions, for hemorrhoids, for mouth and throat ulcers, loss of appetite clears morbid matter from the system. Reported to be very good for cancer and is also one of the ingredients in essiac

Turkey Rhubarb: This root cleanses digestive canals and the entire digestive tract. It works well in improving appetite and digestion. Reported to be very good for cancer and is one of the ingredients in essiac.

Apart from these cancer herbs mentioned there are many herbs available for various treatments depending on the type of cancer and for that matter any other disease or disorder.

Even in some cases there is a hard feeling that curing cancer the herbal way is the only method left. Best part with these herbs is that you can follow your regular standard treatments as well along with these.

But it is very important to discuss very clearly with your doctor whether you can apt for these type of treatment or not as the selection of any kind of treatment depends on the stage and type of cancer as well as your personal health. So it’s never too late!