Can Mangosteen Destroy Cancer Cells?

Various therapeutic properties of mangosteen make it more effective in treating diseases like cancer. Mangosteen has various anti-cancer properties such as anti-tumor, anti-leukemia, antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidants, antiproliferation that greatly help to destroy the cancer cells and other causes of some cancer types.

Antioxidant properties of mangosteen

mangosteenMost of the researchers believed that the anti-oxidant properties in mangosteen can help in treating cancer and prevent you from developing cancer.

Besides all these benefits of mangosteen, there is also one major disadvantage. Mangosteen weakens the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

Some researchers said that consuming mangosteen could only be supplementary to the main treatment in order to ensure your wellness. The main function of mangosteen is to provide your body enough nutrients and reinforce the anti-cancer cells.

Xanthones in mangosteen:

Mangosteen is unique from various other fruits that also have anti-cancer properties because of the natural occurrence of xanthones in it. Xanthones can effectively promote healthy bodily function.

Among the 41 xanthones in mangosteen, six are proved to be effective in killing the cancer cells.

To get effective benefits, it is suggested that you drink at least ten ounces of mangosteen juice everyday. Mangosteen also has the ability to destroy breast cancer cells in women.