Conventional Treatments For Sinus Cancer

Sinus cancer is not a common type of cancer and it occurs because of thick mucus in the cavity and can be generated from the mucus bone around the nasal area as well. By stating that this type of cancer is uncommon does not mean sinus cancer treatment is not complicated.

sinus cancerCancer is a deadly disease and sinus cancer is one of those which people often neglect or are unaware of. One way to fight this cancer is by undergoing treatments early on.

If you experience swelling around your nasal or entire facial area, having discharge of thick mucus often yellow in color, and frequent headaches that can last for days, be sure to get a test done for sinus cancer as soon as possible.

Just like other types of cancer, sinus cancer must be diagnosed as soon as you have confirmed having it. If not diagnosed at an earlier stage, this type of cancer can affect you greatly.

It can cause hoarseness of voice, poor sense of smell, poor eyesight and difficulty in swallowing food. There are also  other varied complications associated with it especially if  one has existing nasal problems. Thankfully there are treatments to help fight this form of cancer.

Home remedies

People usually opt for home remedies before getting into a sinus cancer treatment. Some remedies such as stress release treatments and exercises like yoga and meditation are proven effective. Some even opt for acupuncture and acupressure remedies especially in relieving symptoms of this ailment.

The best remedy would be to include a lot of vegetables and fruits in one’s diet. Make it a habit to eat cranberries, blueberries, beetroots, tomatoes and other lycopene-rich fruits to reduce the risk of sinus cancer. Vegetables rich in fiber are also highly recommended. Meanwhile, avoid fatty, oily, and sweet foods as well as put an end to your bad drinking habits. If you smoke, now is the time to say goodbye to it as well.

Cancer surgeries

The surgeries definitely vary according to the stage of sinus cancer and also the size and location of the tumor that developed. The most popular medical treatments are radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.

Sinus cancer also comes in different types namely maxillary, ethmoid, sphemoid, and paranasal. The operations for the first two types of cancer are maxillectomy and ethmoidectomy respectively. For sphemoid sinus cancer and paranasal cancer, radiotherapy is strictly used.

Effectiveness of surgery

These operations and surgeries are 99% effective if the proper method is used and all the sessions are carried out accordingly. A doctor’s advice is absolutely necessary in case you are shifting your chemo sessions or having a massive change in the type of diet or drug intake; as all will affect you after surgery.

It is however necessary to prevent a comeback of these cancers with effective treatment because once these types of cancers recur then it is likely that patients will have to suffer lifelong.  However, repeated sinus cancer surgeries would ease out the painful symptoms.