Have You Ever Heard About Lip Cancer? Warning Signs And Treatment Options!

Do you provide proper care for your lips? Most of you might be in a misconception that your lips do not need any protection from sun. But, this is quite untrue; your lips definitely need protection against sun. This is because, over exposure of your lips towards sun can certainly develop lip cancer, the most common form of oral cancer.

Many researches show that people with light-colored skin, who experience higher levels of sun exposure, are at increased risk of developing lip cancer. The occurrence of lip cancer is usually more common in climates where the reception of sun rays is rather high. In many cases, any particular damage to your lips due to overexposure to sun often turns into a lip cancer.

How to identify lip cancer?

More often people ignore the possible symptoms of lip cancer and fail to treat them at right time. Many times, people treat the symptoms of lip cancer as cold sores. Some of the most common symptoms of lip cancer can mainly include:

  • Lumps on surrounding areas of lips
  • Frequent bleeding from lips
  • Discolored lump on lip

So, whenever you notice any of these symptoms on your lip, immediately consult your general physician and seek right treatment for your lip cancer.

Is it possible to cure lip cancer?

There are various treatment options available for treating lip cancer. Some of the most common treatment options suggested for lip cancer can mainly include:

  • Surgery: Small cancers are usually treated with surgeries. For small types of cancerous growths on your lips, local anesthesia is given in that particular area and can be easily removed with simple surgery. If you are suffering with large cancerous growths, then it can involve many specialized procedures that are planned to utilize the other unaffected lip or nearby cheek tissue for reconstruction of lip.
  • Chemotherapy: This kind of treatment can mainly involve usage of drugs that can potentially destroy the cancerous growth or cells present around your lip. Eventually, in certain advanced cases of lip cancer, your medical oncologist expert can administer chemotherapy orally or at times, drugs are directly injected into your blood veins.
  • Radiation therapy: In this treatment, your skin is exposed to high-intensity X-rays or radio active isotopes to kill cancer causing cells.

These are certain treatment options available for treating lip cancers in many people. So, whenever you feel that you have lip cancer, try to consult any cancer expert and seek better help and necessary suggestions to take proper care of your lips.