How Does B17 Vitamin Fight Cancer Cells?

Vitamin B17The author of the famous book: “A world without cancer”, G. Edward Griffin explains the phenomena very simply.

The B17 molecule is composed of two major elements: a benzoic aldehyde (benzaldehyde) and cyanide.

If the aldehyde is not very familiar to general population the cyanide is something everybody knows about.

Separated, these two elements are very toxic but in the Vitamin B17 formula they become harmless. These examples are found pretty often in nature like Cl –extremely toxic in pure form but harmless in kitchen salt (NaCl).

So far there is information about only one substance that can break the Vitamin B17 in its major elements. This substance is an enzyme called Beta-Glycosidase.

According to Griffin, this enzyme is present in most of the body cells, except for the spleen, liver and glands, but it is also abundant in cancer cells. As a consequence the B17 is very effectively broken in the cancer areas. That is how cancer cells show in their immediate vicinity the decomposed elements of B17 vitamin.

Acting as a silent killer for the cancer cells the Vitamin B17 is the miracle cure for cancer. The fact that their elements destroy the enzyme present in the cancer cells turn sit into a valuable medical cure.

The only thing that needs solving is a protective measure against the elements of B17 for the healthy cells also containing Beta-Glycosidase. When this is done the world will be cured of cancer.