John Hopkins And A Different Perspective Over Cancer

meatAfter years of preaching that the chemotherapy is the only viable solution for cancer treatment, John Hopkins is ready to offer a new alternative for treating cancer.

The strategy addresses the general population and works with concepts, self consciousness and responsibility, a combination meant to simplify the process of getting rid of the cancer danger.

Every human body contains cancer cells, according to Hopkins, but the cells do not appear during a screening until they have reached a huge number. When the doctors tell the patients that there are no cancer cells left in the body it just means that the tests are no longer showing them because their number is very low.

The cancer cells appear 6 to 10 times in a person’s body during a lifetime and if the immune system is strong they are destroyed and do not generate tumors.

When the diagnosis of cancer is put to a patient it means that the person has severe nutritional deficiency that come to complete the genetic predisposition, the environmental pollution and the lifestyle that person experienced.

According to the new theory of John Hopkins the chemotherapy is poisoning the cancer cells destroying both them and the rapid growth cells from the spinal cord, the ones in the  gastro-intestinal system and the healthy organs like the liver, the kidneys, the heart and the lungs which often remain permanently damaged.

The radiotherapy destroys the cancer cells but also burns the healthy cells and damages the internal organs.

Together these methods may reduce the cancer danger but on the long run they cannot remove it because when inside the body is accumulating a large amount of  “toxic waste” the patient can die because of a simple infection.

A very good method of fighting the cancer cells is to make them go hungry. Hopkins states that avoiding the food that is feeding the cancer cells, we avoid the cancer. For example the meat which is hard to process and digest, risks to become a source of toxic waste because of the body’s impossibility to digest it in time.

The cancer cells are covered with a wall of proteins and giving up meat will generate enzymes that are able to attack these proteins and destroy them.

There are food supplements, exclusively vegetal which can assist the body in fighting these proteins and together with vitamins and minerals they can cause the death of the sick unwanted cells.

The cancer is the disease of mind and spirit. Positive thinking and an active nature will keep the disease away and will help patience to fight it. All negative emotions can only develop a more stressful environment perfect for the growth of the cancer cells.

If John Hopkins is right or not …remains to be seen, but his theory seems to make a lot of sense for many of his cancer patients.