The Right Combination Of Vitamins Can Increase The Cancer Patient’s Lifespan

Vitamins combined with a certain purpose can make the body react and respond better to the medical treatment.

A certain combination of vitamins can make the body feel more energetic but can also help it fight against terrible disease like cancer.

Cancer treatment can be very invasive especially when the body is weak and lacks the proper nutrients to help it fight the problems usually present in the patients under chemotherapy.

A sick body cannot fight the common problems that may come along with cancer and any virus or microbe can interfere with the cancer treatment making the disease even worse.

Around 75% of the patients participating at a study have had their life lengthened with the average interval of five months, which is more than initially prognosis when they were diagnosed with cancer. Some of them were alive even three years after the beginning of the treatment.

Bob Lister, who was the co-author of the study done by British and Danish researchers sustains that these results are similar to the increase of life expectancy of the cancer patients due to the new cancer medication.

The introduction of this vitamin complex will be an additional plus to the original treatment pattern with the main characteristics that there was no side effects for the patients who took the vitamins.

The study was conducted on patients suffering from breast, lungs, brain and colon cancers in Denmark, patients that continued the cancer treatment while they were also taking this vitamin cocktail.

The study conducted over 9 years has also treated patients with Q10 coenzyme – a compound very similar to the vitamins, vital for synthesizing the energy the natural way together with another six antioxidants:  the vitamins A, C and E, selenium, folic acid and beta-carotene.

The initial prediction for these people was that they will live for an average period of 12 months and 75% of these patients survived another 5 months post the estimated period.

The supplementary dosage made by Pharma Nord was significantly bigger but they were conforming to the official recommendations. Along with this study the patients have received small quantities of other nutrients like fish oil and vitamin B.

The study was published in the Journal of International Medical Research and it was considered to be a reliable steppingstone for the future research in the matter.

If the right cocktail of vitamins should prove to aid considerably the treatment of the cancer patients this might improve the odds that these patients have to get a normal life and even better chances for survival.