Top 10 Cancer Fighting Foods

While undergoing medical treatment for cancer in terms of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and drugs, there is also nutritional remedy that you can initiate yourself, which can work side by side with other treatments to help beat cancer.

There are compounds and chemicals naturally occurring in a number of foods that are known to not only prevent cancer but also help beat cancer for those who are already afflicted with the disease.

Cancer fighting foods1. Tomatoes – most experts agree that tomatoes can help fight free radicals that cause cancer and other cell damage.

It is the lycopene contained in tomatoes that helps in this activity. Tip – tomato puree, sauce and ketchup are concentrated forms that deliver more of this compound.

2. Cruciferous Vegetables – Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, horseradish, and watercress and so on are known to help in fighting cancers such as those of the larynx, stomach pharynx and food pipe.

3. Dark leafy vegetables – Spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, and collard greens and so on contain folate, fiber and carotenoids, all of which can contribute to fighting cancer.

These vegetables are known to contain leutein and zeozanthan which help in repelling cancer.

4. Garlic – A study showed that garlic consumption may reduce risk of stomach cancer by up to 50%. This strong flavored food can block cancer cells from appearing and progressing.

5. Green Tea – Though some studies on the cancer fighting properties of green tea have been shown to be inconclusive, there is anecdotal evidence to show that green tea is effective against cancer.

6. Turmeric – this curry ingredient has long been hailed for its medicinal properties.

7. Jalapeno and chili peppers – the chemical capsaicin that these foods contain, are known to help prevent and fight cancer.

8. Grapes and berries – The antioxidant properties of grapes and red wine are well known. Resveratrol is the phytochemical in grapes that helps reduce inflammation and oxidation in the body.

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc. have beneficial nutrients as well as antioxidants and fiber to help combat cancer.

The high fiber content of berries is also known to help reduce incidences of cancers relating to the bowel.

9. High fiber foods – Whole grains, beans, lentils, peas, soy and so on are known to have anti cancer properties.

10. Nuts and Seeds – Nuts such as walnuts, brazil nuts, and seeds such as flax seeds, safflower and sunflower seeds are known to provide valuable nutrition to the body in the form of omega 3 fatty acids, etc., and which are known to help in fighting cancer.