Causes of Colon Cancer

There are many causes of colon cancer. The cancer of the colon or the colon cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in the large intestine which form clumps.

These clumps at first are small and non cancerous or benign termed as polyps later these polyps turn to become cancerous.

The large intestine is the lower part of the digestive system. Not all polyps are dangerous, some remain benign but some might change their nature to malignant in due course of time.

Generally, if one is at high risk of developing the disease then it is very important to have a regular check up and test performed. As the polyps produce very few symptoms (Colon Cancer Symptoms) it is always better to have a screening test in order to prevent the colon cancer

The signs and symptoms may appear at times in some cases which may include a change in the bowel habits, blood in urine, gas formation, abdominal pain and persistent cramping.

Regular screening tests, good food habits, proper diet and lifestyle will definitely help to fight against the development of the disease. In spite of many cases of colon cancer and even deaths because of the disease it is far well established that the above mentioned measures will prove to decrease the chances of developing the disease. Before know the causes of colon cancer, let us find out the information on the types, and stages of colon cancer.

Colon Cancer Stages

There are also several different types of colon polyps. Among the most common colon cancer causes are the Adenomas, Hyperplastic polyps, Inflammatory polyps. These types of polyps are considered to be dangerous as these may be cause of colon cancer by turning cancerous in future.

Colon cancer is staged depending on the size, location of the polyps and also the spread of the disease. Stage I, II, and III cancers are considered potentially curable. In most of the cases, stage IV cancer is not curable.

This is the advanced stage of colon cancer. The survival rate in this case is very low only few years but in the former stages the chances of recovery or prognosis and the survival rate is good.

Common Causes of Colon Cancer

There are several causes of colon cancer. The most common causes of colon cancer are given below:

Polyps: In majority of the cases these are considered the key cause of colon cancer. Not all polyps turn cancerous but it is proved that certain type of polyps may in future turn cancerous and malignant and lead to colon cancer. Increase in size and number of polyps is dangerous

  • Though age is not directly related to colon cancer it is a high risk factor as age precedes the chances of developing the polyps also increases, which may sometimes become cancerous and may be the causes of colon cancer. It is proved that people above 50 years of age have high chances of developing the polyps.
  • Alcohol consumption, smoking and over weight are some risk factors which may be the causes of colon cancer.
  • Family history of cancer may be causes of colon cancer. Women who already had cancer like ovarian, breast etc are at high risk of developing the disease. A family history of people who had polyps developed in their family members are also at risk
  • It is proved fact that any kind of chronic inflammation of the bowel can cause colon cancer. This is because the inflamed areas of the colon may give rise to abnormally-developed cells. These abnormal cells turn cancerous in due course of time.
  • Genetics plays a role in colon cancer. Almost 25% of cases are said to be having some kind of genetic link in their studies.
  • In general, insulin is said to be the one of the main causes of colon cancer. It is said that diabetics are up to 40% more likely to develop the disease than people who don’t have diabetes