Causes of Liver Cancer

Hemochromatosis and cirrhosis is one of the main causes of Liver cancer. A complication of liver disease such as hepatitis or cirrhosis is liver cancer.

This is caused as a result of growth of malignant cells in the liver.

As known liver is the largest internal organ in the body performing many vital functions such removing toxins and alcohol from the blood.

The metastatic liver cancer is that cancer which has taken its position in the liver migrating from its origin either the lungs or the breast. This means that this type of cancer, the metastatic liver cancer has spread from its region of origin to liver. Let us first find some information on primary and secondary liver cancer before knowing the causes of liver cancer.

Liver cancer is of various types. The primary liver cancer originates in the liver but is less common than the secondary or the metastatic liver cancer. The sad news about this disease is that it shows no symptoms, if any detected also they may be often mistaken for some other very less serious health problems or ailments.

Most common symptoms or the first indicators of this disease are loss of weight, no hunger, jaundice may occur and abdominal pain (Is associated with Liver Cancer?) or noticeable swelling may occur.

The screening tests or diagnosis involves the ultrasound, CAT scan, MRI and biopsy followed by several blood tests to check for the presence of the diseased cells.

There are several ways to help prevent this disease. As the risk factors of the disease are pretty well clear and very well known it is rather easy to help prevent a person from this disease.

The risk factors which pose the treat to develop this disease are hepatitis, alcoholism and exposure to certain chemicals. In order to prevent the disease is quite evident to control these risk factors. The major cause of liver cancer is considered to be these risk factors.

Causes of Liver Cancer

One of the main causes of liver cancer which has originated in the liver itself i.e. the primary liver cancer is the liver damage caused by the birth defects. The alcohol abuse or chronic infection with diseases such as hepatitis B and C also plays a major role in the liver damage.

A condition were too much iron is in the liver is called hemochromatosis and cirrhosis as well is the major causes of liver cancer by causing liver damage. This type of primary liver cancer is called hepatocellular carcinoma.

Cirrhosis is considered the major and the most dangerous causes of liver cancer. According to the statistics people diagnosed with primary liver cancer, more than 50% of them have cirrhosis.

This condition is a result of hepatitis B and C and also alcohol abuse. A condition as above called hemochromatosis may also be the reason for the scarring of the liver or cirrhosis. Overload of iron in the liver is also a great risk for developing the disease.

Other Causes of Liver Cancer

The other causes of liver cancer are the cancer causing substance which is associated with cause of primary liver cancer. Some herbicides and chemicals such as vinyl chloride and arsenic may also be the cause of liver cancer at times as these are the risk factors too.