Causes of Lung Cancer

Smoking is the one the main causes of lung cancer. The most devastating and dreadful type among the other types of cancers is the Lung Cancer.

As any other cancer this disease is also the abnormal and rapid growth of cells in the lung, the major respiratory part of the body.

Surprisingly lung cancer is the leading cause of deaths in the United States and the most common type of cancer in both men and women.

According to reports Lung cancer is considered to take more lives even when breast, prostate, colon and the lymph cancer cases are combined. Unlike other cancers the causes of lung cancer is quite evident. Many risk factors are known to increase the chances of developing the disease. Therefore it is predicted that the disease can be well be prevented.

The cause of lung cancer is estimated to be smoking. Almost 90% of these deaths could be prevented as smoking proves to be the major causes of lung cancer. The most important risk factor to be considered is smoking. (What Does History Of Lung Cancer Say? Quit Smoking!)

It depends on person to person, the level of affect of smoking in causing this disease because the fact that since how many years the person is smoking and how much he or she is smoking is taken into consideration.

The other risk factors which may be the cause this disease are the exposure to asbestos, radon and secondhand smoke. These if neglected may be the leading causes of lung cancer in future.

One should keep in mind that prevention is the best cure in case of lung cancer as this disease shows no symptoms unless it reaches advanced stage. Though now the prognosis and the survival rates of lung cancer have improved a lot it still remains the leading cause of deaths in spite of people knowing the cause of lung cancer.

Causes of Lung Cancer: Secondhand Smoking

One of the major causes of lung cancer is cigarette smoking. As discussed above the other causes of lung cancer include exposure to secondhand smoke, to asbestos and other industrial carcinogens, and to high concentrations of radon. Radon is an odorless gas that’s released into the air from the breakdown of uranium in the soil and water.

It is said that the combination of these risk factors together increases the chance of developing the disease to a great extent. For example smokers exposed to asbestos and radon are definitely at a high risk than the nonsmokers.

The primary lung cancer is said to be uncommon in nonsmokers but the metastatic lung cancer which has spread from the other organs and areas of the body may occur in nonsmokers. So the ultimate cause of this disease in its primary form is smoking.

Though the affect of tobacco in men and women differ greatly it definitely poses a great risk factor for lung cancer. Studies say that in spite of knowing the hazardous causes of lung cancer people are unable to prevent the happening of the disease.