Cervical Cancer Treatment Methods

There are several types of cervical cancer treatment methods are available.

The common type of cancer which affects the female reproductive part the cervix which is the lower part of the uterus that opens into the vagina is the cervical cancer.

This cancer results from the rapid abnormal growth of cells in the cervix.

The main cause of cervical cancer is found to be the HPV. Several strains of this virus are said to be responsible for causing this disease. Though when exposed to HPV the female immune system tries to prevent the virus from doing any harm but the fact is that this virus sustains itself in the body for many years without doing any harm and then later turns the cells to cancerous. (Cervical Cancer Prevention)

We need to know the types of cervical cancer before knowing the various cervical cancer treatment methods. The most common type of cervical cancer which accounts for almost 75% of the cases is the squamous cell cancer. The second type is the adenocarcinoma which is less common.

Early detection is the better cure in case of cervical cancer as the treatment methods available today can prove to cure the disease. The disease is categorized into two stages the invasive and the pre-invasive stage. Early detection is possible by a regular Pap test as this screening test helps detect any abnormal growth of cells in the cervix.

Cervical Cancer Treatment Methods for Both Stages

The different treatment options for both the stages are categorized as follows:

Pre-invasive stage: Treatment of cervical cancer in the pre-invasive stage, when it has affected only the outer layer of the lining of the cervix, may include:

  • Conization: This surgical procedure involves just the removal of the abnormal part from the cervix.
  • Laser surgery: As the name suggests the operation uses narrow beam of intense light to kill cancerous and precancerous cells in the cervix.
  • Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP): This is a advanced method of cervical cancer treatment which uses a wire loop to pass electrical current, which cuts like a surgeon’s knife and remove cells from the mouth of the cervix.
  • Cryosurgery: Freezing and killing of cancer cells is possible through this method of cervical cancer treatment.
  • Hysterectomy: This major surgery involves removal of the cancerous and precancerous areas, the cervix and the uterus.

Invasive stage: Many women are treated successfully for invasive cervical cancer and live full, productive lives. The treatment may involve:

  • Hysterectomy: This procedure of cervical cancer treatment aims to preserve either one or both the ovaries as well along with the estrogen production. This is further divided into the simple and the radical hysterectomy.
  • Radical trachelectomy: Women who still want their fertility to last in spite of cervical cancer treatment then this method is most suitable for them. This procedure treats the initial stage patients.
  • Radiation: Uses the high-energy rays to shrink tumors by killing the cancer cells. The mechanism behind this cervical cancer treatment is that it destroys the ability of cancer cells to reproduce.
  • Chemotherapy: This method of cervical cancer treatment is considered a systemic procedure as the drug enters the body and carried through the blood stream to the entire body. This is considered to enhance the effects of radiation in the cervical cancer treatment.

The procedures like the hysterectomy or radical trachelectomy alone are sufficient to treat women with an early stage of cervical cancer. But for advanced cases the cervical cancer treatment includes a radical hysterectomy, a regime of combined radiation and chemotherapy, or a combination of all of these approaches for better results.