4 Simple Strategies To Prevent Cervical Cancer

Since the most common form of cancer in women is cervical cancer, it is essential for you to learn more about it and be aware of preventative measures. If you successfully prevent HPV infection, you will certainly be able to reduce your chances of developing cervical cancer.

When exposed to the HPV virus, your immune system typically prevents the virus from causing harm. In a few women, however, the HPV virus survives for years and consequently converts some of its cells to cells which stimulate cervical cancer. In order to avoid the growth of cancer cells, the first step is to avoid HPV infection.

Strategies to prevent cervical cancer

    • Avoid being exposed to HPV: Most cervical cancers are easily prevented by avoiding exposure to HPV. It is therefore essential to monitor your sexual behavior in order to prevent HPV infection.
    • Delay your first sexual intercourse: Delaying your first sexual intercourse until you grow older to avoid HPV can go a long way to preventing cervical cancer.
    • Get vaccinated against HPV: Gardasil offers protection from the most dangerous viruses of HPV. Consult your regular health care provider and get vaccinated against HPV.
    • Have routine Pap tests: Pap tests are one of many brilliant ways to detect abnormalities in your reproductive system in the early stages. Ensure you get regular pap tests to prevent reproductive problems including cervical cancer.