Be Familiar With Various Treatment Options Available For Cervical Cancer!

Many of you with cervical cancer certainly want to know about various treatment options available for treating cervical cancer. However, shock and stress that you experience after the diagnosis of your disease can make it hard for you to think about treatment options and asking certain questions to your doctor regarding cervical cancer.

So, never be depressed about your cervical cancer. Don’t be in the misconception that you are the only one suffering with cervical cancer. It has been estimated that almost 11,000 women in total population are diagnosed with cervical cancer. So, be bold and try to explore different treatment options available for your cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer treatment mainly depends on the presence of growth of cancerous cells on your cervix. Here are certain recommended treatment options used in treating both invasive and non-invasive cervical cancer.

Treatment options for non-invasive cervical cancer!

If the presence of cancerous cells is particularly confined to outer layers of your cervix, it typically requires removing the abnormal cell growths. When you have this kind of non-invasive cervical cancer, these are certain procedures suggested to remove the cancerous growths on your cervix.

  • Laser surgery: In this method, a narrow beam of intense light is used to kill the cancerous growths on the surface of the cervix. When the intense beam of light is focused on outer layers of your cervix, cancerous and precancerous cells will be automatically killed.
  • Hysterectomy: This major surgery mainly involves eliminating the cancerous or precancerous growths on your cervix and also on your uterus. This method is usually preferred only in certain selected cases of cervical cancer.
  • Cone-biopsy: In this method, a cone-shaped piece of cervical tissue that is damaged because of cancerous cell growth is removed using a scalpel.

Treatment options for invasive cervical cancer!

Whenever the cancerous growth deeply invades your cervix, it requires more extensive treatment for the removal of cancerous cell growth. Some of the most common treatment options available for invasive cervical cancer can mainly include:

  • Surgery: Hysterectomy is the surgical procedure used to remove uterus. It is also used to treat the early stages of cervical cancer. This procedure also helps you to prevent the re-growth of the cancerous cells on your cervix. But, remember removing uterus can certainly eliminate the chances of being pregnant again.
  • Chemotherapy: In this therapy, you will be treated with strong anti-cancer chemicals that usually kill the cancerous cells present on the cervix. These drugs can be used alone or in combination with injections, that can be easily injected into the veins of your body.
  • Radiation therapy: In this therapy, high-powered energy rays are used to kill the cancerous cells on cervix. This therapy is given both externally and internally by placing the devices that are filled with radioactive material near your cervix.

Before selecting different treatment options for your cervical cancer, it is always recommended to take necessary suggestions from your general physician and get exact solution for your problem.