Foods That Fight Against Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a disease or neoplasm that occurs on the lower uterus better known as the cervical area. The growth is more often malignant than benign which means it is cancerous and may spread to other regions of the reproductive system.

Researchers are working, with some success, on proving the theory that a healthy balanced diet can help prevent and also help cure the notorious disease that has caused a high percentage of infertility and even death amongst women of all ages.

Foods that help prevent cervical cancer

It is generally believed that most organic foods help in the fight against cancer as they contain important nutrients such as antioxidants that counteract the effect of free radicals and phytochemicals.

Fruits such as avocado, figs, grape fruits, oranges and other citrus fruits have properties that help fight against cervical cancer. Lemons and other citrus fruits that contain a high quantity of vitamin C have monoterpenes that help sweep carcinogens that are cancer-causing particles out of the reproductive system thus preventing cervical cancer[Cervical cancer vaccine].

Foods that contain antioxidants are also effective against cervical cancer, for example papayas, nuts, red wine, flax and raspberries. Antioxidants like bioflavonoids that are cancer preventives and quercentin and campferol suppress the growth of malignant tumours on the cervix are present in large quantities in the above-mentioned foods.

Papayas also contain folic acid, which reduces cervical dysplasia and the chances of cancer growing on the cervix so they are highly recommended for women, even those who have reached menopause.

Tuber foods are also good in the prevention of cervical cancer. Potatoes and sweet potatoes have beta-carotene and other cancer preventing properties that stop transmission of cancerous chemicals to the DNA present in the nucleus of healthy cells.

Teas such as green tea and black tea have polyphenols or catechins, which prevent cancer cells from multiplying thus making the growths benign and not harmful to the reproductive system. Research on these and other foods is still being carried out but experiments done so far have proved to help the fight against cervical cancer and not worsen it.

Spices are also quite helpful in the fight against cancer. Tumeric, which has medicinal properties, inhibits the growth of some inflammation related enzymes, which are found in alarmingly high quantities in cervical cancer growth.

Other foods that are known to help with cancerous growths in general include mushrooms, chilli peppers and jalapenos, cruciferous vegetables, soy products, garlic and seaweed. These foods are recommended generally for preventing cancer and so can be also used in the fight against cervical cancer.

So when doing your grocery or weekly food shopping keep in mind that what you eat may just save you from being affected by cervical cancer.